4 Ideas For An Industrial Chic Home Design

Over the past decade or so there has been a rice in an interior design trend known as industrial chic. This is basically including elements found in factories and other industrial settings in a home. Even though this might not seem what is traditionally considered to be homely, the industrial chic designs add a certain amount of sophistication to a home. Here are some ideas you can use in your very own home.

Embracing imperfectionsOne of the most notable features if the industrial chic style is its use of design elements that are considered to be imperfect or “ugly”. Features such as exposed bricks, walls that are not painted can add something interesting to your home. However, it is important to note that these elements need to be used sparingly to give the best effect and these imperfections need to look deliberate or your home will end up looking shabby. You need to be very careful with this and using these imperfections as a feature in an otherwise well-finished room is a good way to go.

Using industrial elementsThis is obviously something that you have to include. Seeing something that you might see at a factory like large industrial ceiling fans can take people by surprise and this sense of mismatch is that makes this style remarkable. On top of that using metallic elements and industrial looking fixtures can accentuate this style. It is important to pair these elements up with more traditional home decorating items to send the message that this is indeed a home.

Less is moreWhen decorating a homeless is always more. More decorative elements mean that the eye will have more things to process and this can hinder the aesthetic appeal. Especially when raw, rough and industrial elements are used things can look cluttered and untidy if there isn’t enough negative space. The industrial chic vibe usually goes well with larger houses with high ceilings for this reason. However, you can still incorporate this style in any home just make sure you keep things to a minimum. For further information about industrial heaters please click here.

Outdoor decoratingBringing the outdoors in is another perfect way to add something more to your design and it can help soften things up compared to the harsh industrial elements. A nice outdoor seating area with outside gas heaters and some comfortable chairs can add a lot to a home.Although this can be a very interesting interior design trend you need to do it well to get the results. Incorporate these ideas into your interior design will give you a wonderful result.

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