The Harmful Effects Of Too Much Sun Exposure

It’s no secret that getting too much exposure to the sun is a bad idea, even when it’s just for tanning. However, as common as that fact is to many people, they still don’t know exactly why it is what it is. But that’s what I’ll be talking about in this article. The harmful effects of too much sun exposure and what it will lead to if it is continued. Let’s get into it!

UV Rays

UV rays are very harmful and almost everyone knows that. But did you even look up into it to find out how it’s dangerous and how to avoid getting too much of it? There are several reasons to avoid it, yes, but the ways to do so are not exactly given to us in the school. To avoid getting too much UV rays, check the intensity of the light.According to a study and they call this the Shadow Rule, when you’re taller than your shadow, it means the UV rays are stronger since the Sun is higher and vice versa. Don’t worry, there are alerts in the internet or in the news when the UV rays are going to be in the higher scale of intensity. So make sure to check it regularly if you don’t want to be toasted. There are also reliable construction signage that can give you an idea of what’s happening around. If they are not working under the sun, then it might be sign that it would be dangerous to do so.

Impaired vision

You probably already know that staring in a computer screen for a very long time will only result to eye damage or complications. And we already know that exposure to sun can cause skin damage. But you probably didn’t know about this until now, did you? In a computer screen, the radiation causes mutations in the layers of your eyes and therefore blocking a part of it resulting to impaired vision. Just like how the UV radiation affects your eyes. It will eventually lead to blindness if this is not taken care of.


Of course, the UV rays mentioned above are dangerous, but do you know the effects of the radiation? UV radiation contain energy that your skin or bodycan’t handle. If you get exposed to that too much, your cell’s chromosomes will pay the price and there will be mutations in the DNA. One of the mutations is the overgrowth in some part of your body or a tumor and another is the development of skin cancer. But don’t worry, if you need to get under the sun, shade cloth Auckland are found in some parts of the park.


There are safe ways to go about your day so do that when you’re going outside for a walk or whatever.

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