The Unique Features Of PVC Plumbing

Today, many of the plumbing fixtures are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This is a common material that is used to make different kinds of plumbing applications today. As compared to the steel and aluminum based piping and fixtures that used to be in vogue, there are several benefits offered by PVC due to which it is popular as plumbing applications across the world.

Advantages of PVC

As compared to the earlier materials used to create plumbing fixtures, PVC is a lightweight material but durable at the same time. In place of cast iron and copper plumbing, PVC is the chosen material for the same components to be used in fixtures around the world. The plumber Lake Macquarie made of PVC are cost effective at the time of construction as well as for repairs. The installation process is easy as compared to copper and cast iron components. Those who have limited plumbing skill are able to handle PVC components in plumbing. There are other advantages to consider as well as PVC does not react with different chemicals easily like concrete which is a problem with copper plumbing.

Non toxic features

Today PVC is commonly used in plumbing fixtures not only for the ease of using the lightweight and durable materials, but also because the material is non toxic and non reactive to concrete and other materials that they come in contact with. The connecting components can be glued, taped and screwed on easily. The blocked drains which are made of PVC will not generate toxic fumes unlike copper components that often release toxic fumes at the time of soldering. The toxic materials from copper fixtures often leaks into water and contaminates it. These problems are removed when one opts for PVC fixtures.

Limitations of PVC

There are certain limitations of PVC that needs to be known. For instance, the material is intolerant of extremes of temperature, both hot and cold. This kind of fixtures tends to be loud, which can be unpopular for certain homes. Nowadays CPVC is a material that is often found to be used in places where high temperature is common. The size range is also limited in the case of PVC.

Refer to expert advice

For deciding on the different plumbing options it is best to refer to an expert. The expert plumbers in an area can provide the right information about the material that is suitable for a region, as per weather conditions as well as the needs of customers, structures, settings and others. The plumber will be able to decide on what fixtures you need and for cost effective choices PVC is often proposed if the other conditions are ideal.

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